Our World is Mobile: Is your Enterprise Ready?

In today’s on-the-go world, people rely more and more on mobile devices for accessing  information – mainly Web-based information.  According to Forbes, mobile devices will surpass PCs as the most common Web access methods by next year. And as more and more people are choosing to stay connected via their phone or tablet, this leads to business opportunities for enterprises.

Another behavior that shows mobile impact is advertising on smart phones and tablets, which help businesses achieve their brand goals, drive website conversions and increase awareness. Statistics reflect these behaviors as spending on mobile outreach will drive a total impact of $216.9 billion in sales this year, reflecting a ratio of $20 of sales for every $1 in marketing spend, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. This should encourage all leading brands to explore mobile marketing.

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Optimizing the Customer Experience through Personalization and Behavioral Targeting

In today’s Digital Era, enterprises need to personalize their content in order to maximize customer engagement. Without compromising trust (and without being “creepy”), organizations should pay attention to their customer’s behavior to the greatest extent possible.

Content personalization enables the dynamic delivery of customized content—anticipating what the user will benefit from – and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Without personalization, the Web is static – where the same content is presented for every web site visitor. That is so 1999.

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