Alignment: The Secret to a Successful Content Strategy

The following Guest Blog was written by Melissa Rach, Co-Founder, Dialog Studios.

Pssst. Here’s a trade secret. At Brain Traffic, we can usually predict how successful a content strategy will be after the first few weeks with a client. No, we’re not clairvoyant. We don’t even have a fancy algorithm or success scorecard.

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Web Experience Management for the Content Connected Enterprise

The following Guest Blog was written by Emily Long, Marketing Manager, Zia Consulting.

Learn how your organization can have Web Content and Experience Management that fits in to its overall content management strategy in a way that allows your teams to “work the way they do, using the tools they use today,” so users aren’t forced to use alternatives that don’t fit the company’s IT strategy.

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Enterprise’s Marketing Engine

A Modern Web CMS: Today’s Digital Marketing Engine

Engagement with customers and potential clients through digital marketing is easy to say but hard to achieve. There are numerous techniques that have emerged and digital marketers need most of them in order to develop a successful strategy for their enterprise.

Just as crucial as a modern car’s engine, a modern Web CMS is serves as the motor and heart of every enterprise that wants to succeed with digital marketing. All of the planning and execution of digital marketing can be more efficient and effective.


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On Becoming a Successful Digital Marketer

Sometimes having a simple guide can be so helpful. I have collaborated with another marketer to give you a quick guide to help you in your digital marketing success. This can be used for someone starting out in the field or even an experienced professional that could use a refresher.


Goal Setting and Evaluation: Try and set up small short-term goals and a few big goals. The bigger goals should be projects that push and challenge you and your abilities. The old rule still holds true! You never know what your capable of until you try! Also add a deadline to your goals and write them down, as this will act as a visual reminder to complete them. Then review and have a co-worker or someone in your industry take a look. They can give you great feedback and make you think of different ways to achieve the goals.

Keep Up-to-Date on Technology: A few ways to stay up-to-date in this fast paced industry are to read books, attend seminars and investigate companies that you admire based on their marketing style. A digital marketers toolbox needs to include social media, blogging, Web CMS, marketing automation, mobile marketing, mobile apps, and email marketing to name a few. I honestly believe that staying current with technology is one of the greatest steps you can take to set yourself apart from the competition.   Recent trends reinforce this:

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How to Achieve a Smartly Distributed Digital Marketing Presence

Today, either your enterprise builds a resilient digital presence or it will not exist in your target’s mind. If your business does not have a widely distributed, multi-channel digital marketing presence, then your organization is probably undetected, unnoticed, unobserved and unperceived.

Let’s be honest, the market is tough and competitors are everywhere. Companies are investing more now than ever on digital marketing efforts to enhance their marketing strategy and brand awareness.


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