Learning Crafter

The following Guest Blog was written by Chris Paul, Software Engineer, Tribloom Inc.

Earlier this month I attended a training course for Crafter CMS, the open source Web content management system. In this post, I discuss my motivations for taking the training, highlights, and my impressions.

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What I Love about Live Concerts in the Digital Era

I recently attended an Aerosmith concert and was surprised and impressed by observing fan behavior during the performance. Of course fans were shouting, dancing and singing to the beat of the music. As I joined along and added my own moves and voice, one of the things that did catch my attention was the number of people filming, taking pictures, and sharing content during the show.

It had me thinking about live concerts in our digital age and the many advantages it has on the audience and the band.   Some of the many benefits:

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It’s Time to Embrace Evaluating Your Content

The following Guest Blog was written by Colleen Jones, Author. 

About the author:

As principal of Content Science, Colleen Jones has consulted for Fortune 50 companies,government agencies, and boutique brands. 

She has penned 2 books:

“I’m not a numbers person.”

“Data or feedback about content is in approximately 5,000 different tools.”

“I’m supposed to evaluate our content in all of my spare time?”

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