Happy New Year! Are You Ready for 2014 and The Era of Engagement?

It’s a new year.  Time for introspection and change! Your customers changed a long time ago.  They are now living in the “Era of Engagement”, online all the time and wherever they go.  Consumers are also more informed than ever before and have the ability to connect, share and collaborate directly with their vendors and each other.  Leading companies are leveraging this changing landscape to create exceptional customer experiences and build brand loyalty. As more and more companies move to adapt, consumer expectations are changing such that experiences like mobile readiness and social media engagement that were novel in years leading up to 2013 are now a must-have in 2014. Are you ready? We’ve got some great ideas for you to help you get up to speed for the era of engagement in this new year.

Ok, you’re ready for some change! Right?!  Now, where to start?  One thing to keep in mind is that all organizations are unique. Each organization is at a different level of maturity and sophistication when it comes to the digital experience they offer their customers. Some organizations are very early on in the maturity model and are just trying to get to a place that’s easy for authors to create and maintain fresh content while other organizations are fairly advanced and are working to bring different parts of the organization like marketing, sales and execution together to deliver memorable consistent experiences.  No matter where your organization is at, one thing we all have in common is a need for the proper architecture for the era of engagement.

Here are five foundational aspects of any content management architecture designed for success in 2014 and beyond:

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